161. I Used To Like ‘Canadian Bacon’.

This week, Shawn and Colin are inviting a first-time American guest Chris Goffredo to discuss all things Canada, when we dive into the satirical comedy classic ‘Canadian Bacon’. Our third posthumously movie looks at the movie people don’t automatically associate as star John Candy’s last film. We get it… you may not have even heard […]

160. I Used To Like ‘Jetsons: The Movie’.

As our ‘Wish You Were Here In The New Year’ month continues, Shawn and Colin take a look back at a movie released after TWO stars of the film passed away. The 1990 animated classic ‘Jetsons: The Movie’. You know who the Jetsons are, have you seen the feature film? You know… the one with […]

159. I Used To Like ‘Almost Heroes’.

We kick of 2024 with a month of posthumously released movies. This week, Shawn and Colin look back at a movie released after star Chris Farley’s death in 1997, the frontier-set, buddy team-up ‘Almost Heroes’.  For this first “Wish You Were Here In The New Year” movie, we definitely discuss the dark cloud hanging over […]

158. I Used To Like ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’.

Pull up an RV and stay awhile because this week, Shawn and Colin are joined by returning guest Marissa Dingle, to dive into that classic home for the holidays movie ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’. It’s our Christmas episode, so we have some fun discussions about winter sports, sceptic tanks and physical comedy, but most importantly, […]

157. I Used To Like ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.

What’s this? What’s this?!?  Shawn and Colin are jumping from Tim Burton directed, to Tim Burton produced when we watch the musical Christmas-Halloween fusion ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.  We get into all things Jack Skellington, the beautiful artistry of the film, our favorite songs, Shawn’s ultimate food metaphor to describe this movie, and our complete […]

156. I Used To Like ‘Batman Returns’.

When it’s Christmas and John Maclane ic nowhere to be found, there is another hero that can be trusted on. This week, Shawn and Colin welcome first-time guest Lee Conrad for a supersized discussion of the unorthodox Christmas classic ‘Batman Returns’. We all know the Bat, the Cat and the penguin from this superhero classic, […]

155. I Used To Like ‘The Santa Clause’.

Ho, Ho, Ho… It’s that time of year again, so Shawn and Colin have brought back Joel Sims to discuss that modern holiday classic, the Tim Allen led ‘The Santa Clause’. Without this original, we wouldn’t have all those sequels and a Disney+ series. Is this one of the all-time Christmas classic? How does it […]

154. I Used To Like ‘The Pagemaster’.

To close out CULKVEMBER, Shawn and Colin welcome back guest Michael Ross to take a look at the mostly animated 1994 Macaulay classic ‘The Pagemaster’.  Everything from surprising cast members to classic literature to inexplicable animated underwear gets discussed. Nothing is off limits. This movie did terribly back in the day, but is it a […]

153. I Used To Like ‘Ri¢hie Ri¢h’.

Culkvember rolls on when this week, Shawn and Colin take a look at the movie that inspired a hiatus from acting for our hero, the comicbook adaptation ‘Ri¢hie Ri¢h’. Up to this point, everything has had a Kevin McCallister tint on it, is this another film that could just be a pseudo-sequel to Home Alone? […]

152. I Used To Like ‘Uncle Buck’.

CULKVEMBER rolls on and this week, Shawn and Colin are going back to the beginning of our hero’s career, to look at the 1989 John Hughes comedy classic ‘Uncle Buck’. Sure, our man for the month only has a supporting role in this one, but what a support it is! We get into everything John […]