Episode 100

I Used To Like 'Superman III'.

 It’s Up, Up and Away to our 100th episode. This week, Shawn and Colin welcome back ‘RPG Academy’ and ‘Smallville: Farm To Fable’ host Michael Ross to take a look at the abysmal superhero classic ‘Superman III’. We discuss all the important topics such as swapping out evil billionaires, the actual movie just under the surface, the brilliant hilarity of Richard Pryor, a chameleon Clark, turning a Superman evil, new love interests, wonky effects and so verry much more. Has Shawn recovered from the traumatization this movie caused him as a child? Where does this fall in our overall Superman mythos? Is it good? Tune in to find out! 
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“The year was 2020 and a pandemic was sweeping the world. While at home with nothing else to do, Shawn Wells turned to watching movies he hadn’t seen in years. Thinking some of them held up and some of them definitely didn’t, he wanted to put it to the test and ask friends to watch them with him and see if they agree. Inspired by a friend’s social media post about his daughter hating a movie he had shown her for the first time, Shawn got an idea to start a podcast about the longevity of movies we love. His first call, his friend Colin Stewart who he had met while performing together on stage only a year earlier but they had hit it off. They joined forces and to Shawn’s surprise, Colin had never seen most of the movies he talked about; the ideal situation. ‘I Used To Like This One’ was born. Now, join Shawn and Colin every week when they look back on movies they remember fondly from their childhood (whether they were age appropriate at the time or not) and attempt to look past the nostalgia to see if they still hold up. New episodes every Friday.”


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Shawn Wells is a nerdy sometimes actor from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who has always had a love for movies, especially the behind the scenes aspects. He is a bus driver by trade and the father of 3 children.

Colin Stewart a grown man who still loves professional wrestling, and is holding out hopes of one day becoming a Power Ranger. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with his wife and their newborn daughter.