171. I Used To Like ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’.

Shawn and Aaron are traveling the world together through cinema with our Strange Imports month. Our first stop takes us to South Africa for the coke bottle cult classic ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’. The humor is intelligent at times but overall slapstick, until it gets a little too real. Oh, and it’s a touch […]

170. I Used To Like ‘The Dream Team’.

Our March Madness month comes to an end. To say goodbye, Shawn and Aaron have decided to take a look at the 1989 field trip comedy ‘The Dream Team’. This film, that may make you say “Oh yeah… that one…”, was a staple of Shawn’s childhood for some reason. But if you don’t remember this […]

168. I Used To Like ‘Crazy People’.

March Madness rolls on and Shawn is joined by Official Substitute Co-host Aaron Knowles to discuss an oldie, but a goodie, the 1990 comedy ‘Crazy People’. Okay… real talk here… I’m gonna level with you. It’s just us here… look… I never do this, because obviously I want you to listen to the episode and […]

167. I Used To Like ‘Memento’.

It’s March Madness! Are we talking basketball? Not even a little. But we are tagging in a substitute for the month…  While Colin takes some time off for another performance, Official Substitute Co-host Aaron Knowles is back, so he and Shawn can discuss that backwards, psychological thriller that Finding Dory clearly ripped off, the 2001 […]

166. I Used To Like ‘Innerspace’.

It’s been a helluva Meguary, but all good things must come to an end. Bringing the month home, Shawn and Colin are sitting down to watch something that is less rom-com, than it is sci-com, as we take on the classic ‘Innerspace’. Our heroine for the month gets pushed aside into a supporting role in […]

165. I Used To Like ‘When Harry Met Sally’.

Meguary rolls on, and this week Shawn and Colin take on the granddaddy of them all, the 1989 rom-com classic ‘When Harry Met Sally’. We’ll have what she’s having, what he’s having… We’ll have what EVERYBODY is having with this classic of classics. We discuss obnoxious habits, drop the mic moments, how it compares to […]

164. Used To Like ‘Sleepless In Seattle’.

Meguary rolls on, and as we enter the most romantic part of the month, it’s time for Shawn and Colin to look at one of the most romantic films of all time, the 1993 classic ‘Sleepless In Seattle’. For a movie with Seattle in the title, its amazing how much of it has nothing to […]

163. I Used To Like ‘City Of Angels’.

Meguary has arrived! Shawn and Colin dive into our first film for the month from America’s Rom-Com sweetheart,  Meg Ryan, the angelic classic ‘City Of Angels’. We talk about Nic Cage at his cagey-est, the legendary soundtrack, poor choices to make while cycling, the importance of stocking pears, the physics of angel-ing and so much […]

162. I Used To Like ‘Small Soldiers’.

Hunker down for the siege because this week, Shawn and Colin take a look at the Toy Story gone awry.  the 1998 pseudo-war flick ‘Small Soldiers’. Our final posthumously released movie celebrates the life of the great Phil Hartman in his final performance. We talk improbable love interests, impressive special effects, strong movie comparisons, major […]