79. I Used To Like ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’.

I Used To Like This One
I Used To Like This One
79. I Used To Like 'Weekend At Bernie's'.

Make sure to check under the bed because Shawn and Colin just watched a movie pointing out the flaws in our bedroom security, the classic 80’s flick ‘Little Monsters’.  We discuss all the important topics such as the need to give Fred Savage a red-headed love interest, art direction in the monster world, a villain that looks like an AC/DC guitarist, a really heavy B-plot, the power of light, the Savage Brothers, typecasting a bully, fast friendship and so very much more. Is this the definitive Howie Mandel movie? Does Shawn have to apologize to Colin now because of his ‘Drop Dead Fred’ trashing? Is this film good? Tune in to find out!

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