71. I Used To Like ‘Summer Rental’.

I Used To Like This One
I Used To Like This One
71. I Used To Like 'Summer Rental'.

It’s halfway to summer, so this week Shawn and Colin decided we needed a little R&R on the beach. So we brought along our podcasting pal Frank Driscoll (Frankfully Honest) to check out the fictional Citrus Cove, Florida in the 1980’s classic ‘Summer Rental’. We discuss all those topics that other podcasts are afraid to touch like how to properly hard boil an egg, modern day pirates, wonderfully pompous regatta villains, two things that are far better than power tools, the legitimacy of that air cast, confrontations over lobster, the time capsule that is this movie, the brilliance of John Candy and so much more. Is this a film that people have been sleeping on? Who knew Rip Torn has been in Shawn’s life for 35 years? Is it still good? Tune in to find out!

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