48. I Used To Like ‘Space Jam’.

I Used To Like This One
I Used To Like This One
48. I Used To Like 'Space Jam'.

You’ve heard of the Dream Team, well we’re the Mean Team consisting of Shawn, Colin and returning special guest, Paw Patrol voice actor Will Brisbin. This week we discuss the partially animated, basketball-saving-the-universe classic ‘Space Jam’. As always, we discuss nothing but the most pressing of topics such as the existential crisis of athletes without talent, mistaken memories of this film, the lies of our childhood, special effects that do and don’t hold up, the comedic brilliance of side characters, the autobiographical aspects, the last dance, beautiful animation, voice actors, ridiculous amounts of cameos, expectations for the sequel and so much more. Is the story flimsier than we remember? Should Michael Jordan have been the next Hollywood leading man? Is it still good? ‘Toon’ in to find out!

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