53.75. The Lost Pilot Part 4/ Onesie Awards Show

I Used To Like This One
I Used To Like This One
53.75. The Lost Pilot Part 4/ Onesie Awards Show

Here it is, the merciful end of Shawn and Colin’s stroll down memory lane to celebrate our first year podcasting. Part 4 featuring the end of our original unaired pilot ‘The Goonies’ episode and a bonus review segment because we didn’t do that back then.

But then, remember how we promised something fun last week to thank you for sitting through this self-indulgent retrospective series? We present the First Annual Onesies Awards! Stay tuned after the original, very awkward and hilarious closing credits. We are joined by guests from previous episodes Maren Richardson, Carly Holm, Kris Wells, Frank Driscoll, Joshua Blum, and fan of the show Carl Reine for a gala to rival any Hollywood splendor-fest out there. We created 40 categories and nominees…. we had past contributors of the show vote… the votes are in and let us tell you… there are some upsets!

Hope you have as much fun as we did! See you next week with a normal episode. 

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