63. I Used To Like ‘A Knight’s Tale’.

I Used To Like This One
I Used To Like This One
63. I Used To Like 'A Knight's Tale'.

It’s time to try to further understand the sound of a whisper when Shawn and Colin dive into one of the greatest Medieval sports films of all time ‘A Knight’s Tale’. We discuss all those important topics that other podcasts may be afraid to touch such as naked entrances, fonging,.. that’s right fonging, impressive stunt work, sports movie cliches, subtle exposition, the amazing soundtrack, a highly underrated cast, the riskiest pointless job in a medieval army, non English-speaking background performers, Hemsworths and so much more. Is this the best movie about jousting that exists? How is it possible that this lead actor is also the Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’? Why aren’t more people talking about this movie? Tune in to find out!

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