100. I Used To Like ‘Superman III’.

I Used To Like This One
I Used To Like This One
100. I Used To Like 'Superman III'.

It’s Up, Up and Away to our 100th episode. This week, Shawn and Colin welcome back ‘RPG Academy’ and ‘Smallville: Farm To Fable’ host Michael Ross to take a look at the abysmal superhero classic ‘Superman III’. We discuss all the important topics such as swapping out evil billionaires, the actual movie just under the surface, the brilliant hilarity of Richard Pryor, a chameleon Clark, turning a Superman evil, new love interests, wonky effects and so verry much more. Has Shawn recovered from the traumatization this movie caused him as a child? Where does this fall in our overall Superman mythos? Is it good? Tune in to find out!

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